The Best Swim Lessons in Columbia


Discover the joys of swimming at our fitness center in Columbia with a swimming program designed for all ages and skill levels. Our program offers beginner lessons to build confidence and basic skills in the water, intermediate classes to enhance techniques and endurance, and open lane swimming for those looking to refine their strokes and speed. Join us for a splash-filled experience that promotes health, fitness, and the pure pleasure of being in the water!

Registration Forms

Private Swim Lesson Registration Form

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Semi-Private Swim Lesson Registration Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out to Nicole Pakileata, Aquatics Director at [email protected] if you cannot find an answer to your question.

At what age are swim lessons offered?

Starting at age 3 and up.

How long is each swim lesson?

30 minutes.

For Semi-Private, do I provide the other swimmer(s)?

Yes, you must provide the other swimmer(s) to make up the semi-private. We do not match up swimmers together.

Who can I do a Semi-Private lesson with?

We strongly encourage each participant to come from the same household–that can be a sibling or a parent and child.

How are swim lessons scheduled?

Once payment has been made in full, one of our swim instructors will reach out directly to the phone number listed on registration form to schedule lessons. Scheduling is all based upon mutual availability between participant and swim instructor.

How do I make payment?

Payment can be made at the front desk. Please bring in the payment information portion completed for a quicker payment process. Or you may email your completed form (front and back) to [email protected].

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